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If you're looking for Musketeer Minatures, they are currently at their own site here! .

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Gladiators Ready!
JUGULA range now available
Currently out of stock (already!) of the playmats - more on the way, shouod be here end of next week.
Distributers and stockists will be getting everything later this week.

SAGA Rulebook Back In Stock 16.04.14
Available here!

Hourrah! We are pleased to announce the dates for the first UK SAGA GRAND MELEE. It will be on the weekend of 7th & 8th June at the excellent Firestorm Games in Cardiff.
Two day and one day tickets are available now from Firestorm Games. One day tickets will be available in a months time.
Full detalls can be downloaded from here.

This is the updated version of the UK SAGA GM info pack. There are a number of changes in this version so read it carefully! In summary though:
We have changed the factions you can use to EXCLUDE those in the Crescent & Cross. This is because of the delays in the production of the book which mean that people will not have had sufficient time to play with, or against, the new factions.
We have decided to kick off on Saturday at 10:30 to give people who are travelling to the event in the morning an extra hour in bed!
As a result of some clever re-jigging, we have been able to drop the entry price from 40 to 30 while still offering a bumper stash of prizes and providing goody bags and quality food.
We will running some extra informal games in the evening for people who want to play C&C along with JUGULA and Muskets & Tomahawk games. And the bar will be open late!

The cost of entry is 30 for the weekend or 15 for a single day only. Lunch is included on both days and all entrants will receive a Goody Bag containing:
Exclusive GM2014 Standard Bearer Figure (with detachable GM base so you either display him on his stand or base him up for your warband.)
Exclusive GM2014 Fatigue Tokens,
Exclusive GM2014 LBMS Shield & Banner for your figure
Discount Voucher for SAGA purchases made on the day (Full trade stand in attendance!)

New Shieldwall Miniatures Packs
Released at SALUTE, the new Chubby Warlord and Raiders packs are now on the web-site.
Available here!

Macbeth now available!
Just added Macbeth to the SAGA Heroes section. Find him here!
SHVA10 Macbeth 3.50

New Plastic Arabs AVAILABLE NOW!!
Just before we leave for SALUTE, we've put the new Plastic Arab Spearmen & Archers live on the website.
We will be adding more pictures early next week.
Click here for bigger picture!

Inside you will find parts to assemble 40 plastic Arab warriors. You can make a combination of up to 16 archers, 16 javelin men or 40 speamen. The box also contains extra parts to build some of your figures as horn blowers or swordsmen. Box also contains Renedra plastic bases for all your figures.
Get them here!
Transfers for your plastic Arabs figures here!

The van has left! We're on the way - see you there!

Yes, it's that time of year again - time for the SALUTE page!

If you go here you can get details of the Beast/StudioTomahawk/MusketeerMiniatures/Shieldwall Miniatures MEGA Stand (tm), all the new SALUTE releases, details of how to pre-order and of the participation games we will be taking.

We will be updating this page regularly during the run up to SALUTE so do keep checking back.
In the meantime, we shall be considering a snappier name for the stand.......
17.03 New LBMS for C&C shield designs added.
17.03 New LBMS shield designs for plastic Arab Spearmen added.
18.03 C&C Dice pictures added.
18.03 First of many plastic Arab pictures added.
19.03 Crusader & Saracen Starter Warbands & Re-enforcement blisters added plus LOADS OF PICTURES!
20.03 Two new Arthurian Infantry packs from Musketeer Miniatures inc pics now available to pre-order!
21.03 New LBMS JUGULA Sheet added.
31.03 Musketeer Miniature Great Northern War march on SALUTE!
31.03 More Crusader pictures added.
09.04 Last Minute MACBETH!!!

See all the new Arabs, Crusaders, Gladiators and other SALUTE releases here.

SAGA The Crescent & The Cross Figures BAD NEWS
Plus a little bit of GOOD NEWS TOO!
We have just heard that because of production delays that are outside our control, SAGA The Crescent & The Cross will not be available at SALUTE.
We are very disappointed but it is unavoidable.
C&C will now be released in May.
However, we are going to include in the special SALUTE pre-release Crusader & Saracen 4 Point Starter Warbands an insert that will include the relevant Faction list, rules and Battle Board for your faction so that you can start gaming right away.
Please note, these factions are compatible with your existing SAGA forces.
At the show we still have all the re-enforcement blisters for the Crusaders and Saracens and the Christian and Islamic dice.
We will be running several demo/participation games of C&C on the day featuring the new figures for all 6 of the Crescent & Cross factions.

Sorry for the bad news. We hope the SALUTE special insert & Battle Boards will make up for it a bit.

Jugula! 10.02.14
Some of you might know that Lord S has been working hard with his bestest chums at Studio Tomahawk (including Alex 'Mr SAGA' Buchel at the helm) on a brand new game called Jugula. It's a game that puts the players into the role of a Lanista, running their own Ludus (Gladiator business) and entering their growing Familia into more and more bloody fights in the arena, all the while juggling business and skullduggery in the quest for personal glory and wealth. Well, it's nearing completion and almost ready for printing. Pop over to the
Studio Tomahawk blog and (unless your French is good) scroll down to read some more with a few exclusive photos too.
A range of 35mm multi-part Gladiators is being released for use with the game and jolly nice they are too. Here are some test castings painted by top chum Darren Linington.

Northern Fury Back In Stock! 18.12
Fresh off the longship, Northern Fury is now back in stock! Hourrah! here!

SAGA Tapestry Site
Here is an excellent site dedicated to SAGA. Loads of interesting articles to keep you busy all lunch time and beyond...in fact, probably better not start reading at work, you'll redefine lunch hour....
SAGA Tapestry here!

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US Stockist
Don't forget that Architects Of War are the GB stockists for the US & Canada. They have an ever increasing selection of GB, TWDC & Musketeer products including SAGA with all the goodies!
If they haven't got it in stock, the friendly staff at AoW will order it in for you.
Are you a US or Canadian store? Why not get in touch with Barb or Ernie at AoW and get your SAGA stock direct from them?

Australian Stockist
War And Peace Games are our stockists in Australia. They carry loads of our stuff including all SAGA products & the WW1 Gallipoli range from TWDC. Visit their site for full details.

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