The Woodbine Design Company

The Woodbine Design Company
And now for something completely different.........
At Salute08 we will be unvieling our new brand, The Woodbine Design Company (TWDC). Under this name you'll find releases that you wouldn't necessarily associate with GB, releases such as those that will be available for the first time at Salute 08.

TWDC will be releasing ranges either 'sponsored' by GB, such as the WW1 Gallipoli & Palestine ranges, or 'championed' by a sculptor, such as Rob Baker's SciFi Marines.

What will TWDC be releasing in the future?
Much depends upon what the sculptors want to do.
For now, Soapy is set to expand the WW1 Gallipoli range pretty dramatically, followed by a Palestine range.
Rob will be adding to the SciFi range as and when, plus he has a couple more ideas fermenting away.
Soapy will also be working on a range sponsored by GB's Lord S and Chris Vaga has something up his sleeves..

Take a look at The Woodbine Design Company's current ranges here.

But it's Business As Usual at The Beast!!
Gripping Beast will still be producing new figures & ranges; TWDC work will be carried out in 'drying time.' All the designers involved in TWDC will continue their output for GB. All in all, an exciting, if somewhat busy, time for all!